The UEFA license issue

Since publishing our report we have had a number of people contact us about a post elsewhere which questioned our conclusions on the grant of a UEFA license to Rangers in 2011. Further to this we have been in email communication with the writer/s of the post and discussed their position. We would like to note that…

A correction and statement to fans of Rangers

The Offshore Game has been approached by an anonymous fan of Rangers Football Club who raised a couple of issues with the language used in our report. After considering the issues raised we have made a couple of non-material corrections to our report. We would like to stress that we approach this subject from the…


Doing SFA for Fair Play: A Report into the Rangers Tax Affair and the role of the Scottish Football Association

The Offshore Game’s new report into the Rangers tax affair shows just how a badly-run football association can undermine a level playing field – and what needs to be done about it. Here’s the short version… In 2012 Rangers were put into liquidation. One of the contributing factors to this was an offshore tax avoidance scheme that went…


Why Infantino’s claims he did nothing wrong are wrong

Infantino’s involvement in a dodgy deal over Champion’s league TV rights are no proof of corruption, but at a minimum they are proof that he is completely unfit to lead FIFA into a new era of transparency and accountability.   Yesterday the latest story in the ongoing Panama Papers scandal hit the internet. Gianni Infantino, the…


Tax, Transparency and Ipswich Town

Bolton Wanderers was not the only club facing bankruptcy in Court on Monday. Ipswich Town were also on the court list. The Managing director of Ipswich, Ian Milne (Registered address Ireland’s International Finance Centre) took to the airwaves to reassure the supporters. This was simply a mixup with a ‘service provider’. There was confusion over an…

The Reebok HQ

Bolton Wanderers’ Day in Court

Bolton Wanderers faced the High Court yet again yesterday, the executioners axe hanging over them. HMRC are asking the court to make an order for the club to be liquidated because they haven’t paid their taxes. Liquidation means that the club will be forced to cease operations and sell any assets they have to pay the…

The Reebok HQ

Bolton Wanderers on the Brink

Bolton Wanderers were in court yesterday defending a winding up order. The company, founded in 1895 and one of the founding members of the football league was just moments away from execution. HMRC is owed £2.2m in unpaid taxes and are seeking to liquidate the club. In the end the judge granted an adjournment until…

Clean stables - Kevin Trotman

Who is fit to clean football’s Augean stables?

As the search goes on to find a leadership candidate for world football who isn’t completely compromised before they start, our good friends at Transparency International have produced a report that begs the question: is there a single football association fit to lead international reform? TI have assessed each of the world’s national football associations and regional bodies against the…

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