Clean stables - Kevin Trotman

Who is fit to clean football’s Augean stables?

As the search goes on to find a leadership candidate for world football who isn’t completely compromised before they start, our good friends at Transparency International have produced a report that begs the question: is there a single football association fit to lead international reform? TI have assessed each of the world’s national football associations and regional bodies against the…


3 things that won’t solve the FIFA crisis - and one that might

Media covering the FIFA crisis throws up the same simple, wrong answers time and again. What’s needed is harder, but reflects the real beauty of the game. Here are three things that won’t solve the crisis on their own. FIFA’s sponsors. Do we actually need to write this? Yes, it’s vaguely engrossing to see which of…

Brazil fan crying2

Brazil team selection fixed by secret Cayman company

A huge story coming out of Brazil yesterday. Allegations were published in a Brazilian newspaper that the former President of the Brazilian Football Federation, Ricardo Teixeira, was bribed so that he would sell the right to select the Brazilian football team to third party marketing companies. The revelations were published yesterday in Estadao and appear…

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