Why Infantino’s claims he did nothing wrong are wrong

Infantino’s involvement in a dodgy deal over Champion’s league TV rights are no proof of corruption, but at a minimum they are proof that he is completely unfit to lead FIFA into a new era of transparency and accountability.   Yesterday the latest story in the ongoing Panama Papers scandal hit the internet. Gianni Infantino, the…

Clean stables - Kevin Trotman

Who is fit to clean football’s Augean stables?

As the search goes on to find a leadership candidate for world football who isn’t completely compromised before they start, our good friends at Transparency International have produced a report that begs the question: is there a single football association fit to lead international reform? TI have assessed each of the world’s national football associations and regional bodies against the…


Tokyo Sexwale - Fifa’s new broom?

With the publication yesterday of FIFA’s list of official candidates to take over from scandal ridden Sepp Blatter we at the Offshore Game have been checking out the candidates. Five candidates are currently on the list, with Platini’s candidacy suspended pending an investigation. Each of the approved candidates was vetted by an Ad-Hoc Ethics Committee before…

Lets get real - Blatter’s departure won’t fix FIFA

The triumphalism of today’s newspapers in Blatter’s resignation will be short lived. The problems at FIFA are far wider than Blatter. In all corrupt regimes, the leader tries to hang on as long as possible. They know the details of the secret bank accounts, who has been handling the bribes and the bribed. The mesh…

FIFA’s corruption - Why the UK has done nothing

As night follows day we see yet more bluster from UK politicians and football officials as FIFA predictably descends into yet another scandal. This time it’s serious, with Prince William wading in to express his outrage. But what are the British actually doing about this? The FBI have mounted a serious investigation which has resulted…

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