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Unlike some of the sporting organisations we study, we can’t rely on an offshore trust fund to pump money into our organisation.

We rely on donations from well meaning members of the public who want to see the world of sport run by open, transparent, responsible and accountable organisations.

If you feel you can help support our project with a donation we would be hugely grateful. You can make a one off donation or contribute monthly.

In return we promise to continue our work uncovering the role of offshore finance and financial secrecy in sport, and to campaign for better regulated, more transparent and responsible management of sport. We will keep you regularly updated on our progress.

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If you would like to make  a different donation from those listed above, please get in touch using our secure contact form.

How we manage your payment

If you click on one of the buttons above you will be taken to a secure portal managed by gocardless to make payment. gocardless process payments though the UK direct debit system so you must have a UK bank account to make a payment. Although direct debit is usually used for recurring payments it can also be used to make one off payments. The gocardless page is marked the Tax Justice Network who  manage our project. However, any donation you make will be used exclusively to support the Offshore Game.

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